Duro Product Specification

Duro Board

Widely used by carpenters for building durable cupboards and wall cabinets, Duro board is one of the best materials for such kind of carpentry. It is kiln-seasoned timber which has undergone adequate chemical treatments to make the plywood resilient to termites and other insects that may damage wood. Duro boards have a strong and smooth surface which will not warp. It is also free of corrugation of gaps. This makes it ideal for use in the cupboards and cabinets creating stylish furniture with appealing aesthetics. Duro board is relatively lightweight and it also holds screws and nails without problems.

Duro Ply (MR Grade)

MR grade plywood is designed to be resilient to water, termites and weather. This makes it ideal for industrial use and reuse. In addition to withstanding high humidity and water immersion, the plywood also prevents termites and borers from damaging the ply. It is great for building furniture, cabinets, wall paneling, wall partitions and ceilings.

Duro Teak Ply and Veneers

You will love duro teak ply because of the beautiful designs and decorative work that can be done of the ply. It is ideal for ornamental furniture and woodwork in the house or in offices and other living spaces. The beautiful look and finish of teak makes this ply one of our most popular products in the market. Using this plywood, you can easily plan attractive interiors using woodwork. As one of the leading suppliers of the best quality plywood in Nepal we ensure that the process of wood selection and plywood manufacturing is designed to create the best plywood which meets international standards.

Duro Teak Ply & Veneers

Duro PF Ply

Duro PF Ply undergoes a lot of treatment and quality tests to make sure that it emerges as a strong and durable plywood. It is considered to be so good that the plywood is also used on buses and trucks. The plies are bonded using superior quality phenol-formaldehyde resin and is treated with chemicals to prevent damage from termites and other wood damaging organisms. It is known to withstand bad weather conditions, boiling water, and termites with minimal signs of wear.

Duro Door

For latest designer doors in Nepal, you must consider Duro door which is made from very good quality softwood plywood and is strengthened with the help of a layer of cross bands. The veneers are bonded using phenol-formaldehyde resin. The ply also uses some permanent preservatives and can withstand 100% boiling water. The doors are designed to be stable and to last a long time without facing problems related to termites and wood borers.

Duro Door

Duro Shuttering Plywood

Engineered to be strong and reliable, Duro shuttering plywood is one of the best materials available for concrete shuttering and formwork. The wood uses phenol bonding that helps you reuse Duro shuttering plywood several times before it begins to show signs of wear. It has the capability to withstand several cycles of getting wet and dry allowing long term use. We also use certain chemicals which improve the wood’s resiliency towards termites and other insects that can harm the wood.

The use of shuttering plywood also gives the concrete a better finishing. As a result, builders and construction companies find Duro Shuttering Plywood to be their preferred shuttering material. It is waterproof, weatherproof and highly durable. We supply high quality industrial plywood in Nepal meeting strict standards and ensuring durability in the plywood used for construction projects.